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With 30 years of combined experience in the Latin American marketplace, International Wealth Protection caters to high net worth individuals and corporations in the region. Our unique Concierge approach provides our Private and Corporate Clients instant access to World Renowned experts, Best of Breed providers, Competitive products and the Highest Service standards.

Our vision is to bring creative and simple insurance-based solutions to a highly complex and diversified jurisdiction, as is Latin America. Our complete understanding of the regulatory and tax environment of the twenty different countries that make up the region, allows us to implement personalized solutions in a compliant and tax efficient manner.

We are highly sensitive to the cultural intricacies of each country and possess the language capabilities and business etiquette to successfully build long-term relationships and provide continuing value added.

We are recognized leaders and take pride in attending to your needs:

Affluent Individuals or Established Corporations seeking to develop and optimize estate/business succession planning while minimizing risk exposure.

Financial Institutions or Independent Advisors interested in exploring the expansion of their services by offering a full spectrum of wealth protection and transfer strategies their Latin American clientele.

Insurance Carriers seeking to penetrate the Latin American region in a transparent and compliant manner.

The International Wealth Protection team understands your goals are paramount and we are readily available to offer a vast array of tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of all our clients. We customize each program to find the perfect fit.

YOU mean everything to US and WE understand what means everything to YOU… 

-We take pride in Protecting your World.

Our mission is to provide our Latin America-based private and corporate clients with creative and compliant solutions that stand the test of time. Over time, we have witnessed the evolution of a region whose most prominent citizens have demonstrated resilience through periods of political instability, currency volatility, security vulnerability, and sovereign risk. Perseverance, financial discipline and a familial code of honor are the foundation of the successful accumulation of wealth and the creation of business empires in the region.  In honor of those that paved the way, the present and future leaders of the region are facing the challenge of preserving the integrity of the family legacy, protecting the wealth accumulated and transferring the estate to future generations in an orderly manner. All of these are complex matters as we face an era of global transparency, fiscal responsibility and enforcement.  While the main focus of the financial services industry is asset related, International Wealth Protection highlights the importance of looking closely at tangible liabilities and those that can materialize over time, surfacing as our lives evolve and circumstances change.  It is important to acknowledge that the only constant is change and our goal is to anticipate these transitions and protect the estate and family business via simple and straightforward planning strategies.


With over 20 years of experience in the international marketplace Mary Oliva is a recognized leader in the industry and delivers insurance based solutions to the wealthy individuals residing in Latin America.  Her unique risk management concierge approach gives Private and Institutional Clients instant access to world renowned experts, best of breed providers, competitive products and the highest service standards. Ms. Oliva delivers straightforward insurance based solutions to this highly complex and diversified jurisdiction, as is Latin America. With complete understanding of the regulatory and tax environment of the twenty different countries that make up the region, she is able to implement personalized solutions in a compliant and tax efficient manner.   These solutions include but are not limited to General Risk Evaluation, Multijurisdictional Tax Planning, Charitable Giving Strategies, U.S. Beneficiary Planning, Business Continuity, Extraordinary Risks, Asset Protection, and Multi-Generational Planning.

Ms. Oliva is sought after as a recognized leader in the international insurance marketplace and has recently appeared as a featured speaker in the 2013 FIBA Wealth Management Forum in Miami, 2013 Forum 400 Conference in Bonita Springs, 2012 Terrapin Private Banking Latin American Conference in Miami, Florida.  In addition, she has been a featured speaker at many international insurance symposiums and conferences sponsored by insurance companies, global financial institutions and law firms.  Ms. Oliva authors a monthly article in the Wealth Protection Advisory Newsletter which has been published in newsletters, websites and newspapers including Listin Diario, El Caribe, Hoy, American Fidelity Newsletter, Spanish Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, Buenafuente and Funds Society.

Mary Oliva | President

Rafael Gomez | Wealth Protection Advisor

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Malcolm Dermit | Managing Director

Constantin Pojala | Director
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